TSG Grading System

TSG Class Grading System

TSG classes essentially has two kinds. The general class is just for your learning without grading. The class with grading is used by some external established schools or instatitions to review students' works in order to qualify their academic credits or requirements. In our operations, we also use this grading system as a guidline when we offer the reward or scholarship to students in order to encourage learning.

If it is a class with grading, the grading score will be well stated in the course syllable.

Some score will be clearly defined, e.g., the attendance or the home work, some score, like final project, will be more involved to define. It is up to the instructor to decide the earned score. Generally, the instructor will make it clear in the beginning about the guidline of the project score.

Letter Grade   Total Points
A+ 4.33 990
A  4.00 960
A- 3.67 930
B+ 3.33 910
B  3.00 880
B- 2.67 860
C+ 2.33 830
 C 2.00 800
C- 1.67 770
D+ 1.33 750
D  1.00 720
D- 0.67 700
F 699