Course Title: Introduction to Python

Date and Place

Y1 room at ROLCC

      Start Time	End Time	       classroom
07/10/16, 1:45PM	07/10/16, 4:00PM	Y1
07/17/16, 1:30PM	07/17/16, 4:00PM	Y1
07/24/16, 1:30PM	07/24/16, 4:00PM	Y1
07/31/16, 1:30PM	07/31/16, 4:00PM	Y1
08/07/16, 1:30PM	08/07/16, 4:00PM	Y1
08/14/16, 1:30PM	08/14/16, 4:00PM	Y1


Why Python? Python is one of the easier programming languages to learn and can do a lot of things with little code. Many major companies and organizations such as NASA/Facebook/Google/CIA are looking to pay big money to individuals with a Python skillset. This class is a great way to start learning.

This is a six week course where you will be introduced to basic Python language syntax and to its ecosystem.


Python is a language with simple syntax, but with a powerful set of libraries. Python is a popular, general-purpose, multi-paradigm, open-source, scripting language. It is designed to emphasize code readability – has a clean syntax with high level data types. It is suited for interactive work and quick prototyping, while being powerful enough to write large applications. After taking this course, you should be able to:
  1. use Python interactively
  2. use Python types, expressions
  3. use string literals and string type
  4. use Python statements(if... elif.. else, for, pass, continue,...)
  5. understand the difference between expressions and statements
  6. write and call a simple function
  7. utilize high-level data types such as lists and dictionaries
  8. write a simple class and access methods and attributes


This course is an introduction to the Python programming language for students with limited to no programming experience. A successful student must know computer basics and have the ability follow basic instructions.


Course Schedule

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


       Strings and string functions


       User Input

       �Hello World�


       Python Statements

       Boolean logic

       If/else/else if statements

       Syntatic Sugar

       While/ for loops

       Coding etiquette

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

       Code Comments


       List manipulation

       List methods



       Dictionaries/ Tuples

       Basic File I/O

       Intro to classes and objects

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned every week and will be due the day before the next class to reinforce what the students had learned in class. Homework will be uploaded to Google drive where the instructor will check it weekly. Although completion of homework is not required, it is strongly recommended.

Instructor: Jesse Chung

Jesse is hard working and motivated high school student with coding experience and proven leadership. Jesse programs in Java, Python and JavaScript. He is a experienced coder with exceptional problem solving and logical thinking skills.

Sit-in Mentor: Derek Chung, Software Engineer at Workday

Sit-in Mentor: Sammy Chung, Previsous Python Instructor: Youth Basic Python Programming. MSEE from SUNY at Stony Brook, Sammy has been working for various companies in the bay area including Hughes, Cisco Systems and multiple startups. Sammy is currently working for Juniper Networks as senior staff engineer.


Dear Parents/Youth,

This time, we plan to have experimental classes hoping it will be a better model so that we can continue this way and offer more future youth classes and help the youth to serve the community. The instructor will be the selected youth with his/her mentor adult sitting at the class. The youth instructor will use the youth's way of communications to convey the subject topics and interact with the class students.

Before you register, please make sure you agree the following:

  1. This is an experimental class with youth instructor
  2. Only incoming 9th-11th grade students with student photo ID.
  3. A workable notebook with Java, Python and PyCharm installed.
  4. The student needs to follow general school class rules and TSG class rule if specified.
  5. Accept that this is a good-will and volunteering work and is our best-effort operations.